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   CERES's Sonar ,Multibeam, Sea bed & Shipwrecks images on Google Earth

     Google Earth allows users to see satellite views of any location on earth. CERES takes you even deeper by using data acquired from sonar scans of the ocean and transforming it into images that allow you to discover a new world under the surface.


     If you haven't installed Google Earth, you can download the free version of this software at the Google Earth Homepage.


     You can click on the links below to see the fascinating world that has been invisible using traditional technologies such as satellite imaging and photography.


Local server

- Ceres's Underwater Research Center Location

- Shipwreck Princess Olga

- Bermudas treasure shipwrecks collection

- Survey in Seine Bay, shipwreck and mosaic at "Le Havre" approaching

- Survey of Breakwater / peer at Antifer super tankers's Le Havre harbour

- Sonar research of a 12 tons anchor and  mooring

- Entrance of Cherbourg harbour peer and breakwater 1  &   peer 2

- Sedimentology and posidonia survey in Corsica

- Shipwreck of the SS Leopldville

- Shipwreck of the SS Albertville

- Shipwreck of the CSS Alabama

- Underwater survey for lost anchorage in Rouen Waiting area

- Bathymetry in Barneville-Carteret harbour


Google Earth BBS Keyhole server

- side scan sonar overlay of the shipwreck of the Blockship Courbet WW2

- Little LCT sank over Utah beach June 6th 44, side scan sonar overlay

- Princess Olga shipwreck, side scan sonar image overlay

- Dday sunken articial harbour multibeam Overlay

- Shipwreck of the SS Albertville side scan sonar image overlay

- Unique multibeam sounder overlay of the LSt 523 sank over normandy coast during invasion

- B17 Boeing Bomber shipwreck, Sonar overlay

- 1692 Shipwrecks of Battle de la Hougue, aerial, overlay & placemarks

- Dday invasion map & allied force shipwrecks by National Geographic. Map overlay

- Shipwreck of the USS Susan B Anthony, underwater sonar view

- Lost tanks from DDay, underwater sonar view & images

- Side scan sonar underwater overlay of the french submarine Prairial

- Very strange big hole in Cherbourg harbour entrance

- Creating artificial reefs with sunken trawler

- USS Corry, the first US Destroyer sank over normandy June 6th 1944

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